Stadia Super Saturday

Stadia Super Saturday

When: Nov 21, 2020 9AM - Nov 22, 2020 12AM Pacific

Organizer: Reddit Event

Stadia Super Saturday is an event crammed with creators, aimed at giving back to the community and bringing us all a little bit closer.

Over 24 hours worth of content (36 hours this time) is shown in a marathon stretch, displaying the incredible creativity and ingenuity of the creators who support Google’s cloud gaming platform.

We aim to cater to as many audiences as possible. We hope to achieve this goal by running a broad selection of foreign language streams concurrently throughout the event. English, German, French, and Italian dialects have all made appearances in the previous Super Saturdays, with more set to join in the future!

The main offering for the Stadia Super Saturday audience is to bear witness to a wide variety of content creators working together to boost each other, share viewership, air various thoughts and opinions, and play some of their favourite Stadia games!

But that’s not all! There might be giveaways.

Check out more at Stadia Source!


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