Grace & Chris Present: Super Bomberman Founders Bum Rush

Grace & Chris Present: Super Bomberman Founders Bum Rush

When: Oct 2, 2020 12PM - Oct 2, 2020 2PM Pacific

Organizer: Reddit Event

A very special Founders Only event has been posted to the super top secret Founders Hub section of the Stadia Community Forums. Wow, that was a lot of capitalization, but it was worth it. The room code WILL NOT be posted here, or anywhere in public. If you are a Founder, go check out the thread, and get the room code there on the day of the event! If you’re not a Founder…. sorry! Maybe someone will stream it so you can watch. ;)

Original Post:

Hey Founders,

Our last Bomberman play session was posted very last minute, so we’re sorry to those that missed it.

Given the number of interested folks, Chris and I decided to host another play session this coming Friday, October 2 at 12PM PT / 3PM ET. We’ll be posting the room code at 12PM, so be sure to bookmark this post and visit again this Friday. Additionally, we ended up chatting through the #general channel on the Stadia Discord server. For now, let’s plan for the same, but I’ll keep you all posted if anything changes.

Friendly reminder to keep the room code hush hush. We want you wonderful Founders to have priority. 🙂

- Grace


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