Game of the Month: January 2021

Game of the Month: January 2021

When: Jan 1, 2021 12AM - Jan 31, 2021 12AM Pacific

Organizer: The Stadia Life Team

Welcome to the wondrously wacky willingly worthwhile Game of the Month!  

Every month (no, really?) The Stadia Life will bring forth a game of epic proportions, found within the depths of the humongous, sometimes dust-covered, Stadia games library. You're completely free of will to partake or not in this endeavor. 

Shall you decide to partake, you're also more than welcome to post your findings, your joy, your mishaps, and your grit on our Discord (remember to read the rules and accept them by reacting with a thumbs up). We've even gone ahead and made a dedicated text channel in there for discussing it. Let us celebrate each month by playing bits, pieces, or the whole length of quite randomly curated games. From the community, for the community.

Game of the Month January 2021

Is none other than Hitman! Stay calm and game on.

Click the handy Play Now link below, it will bring you straight into the game on Stadia if you already own it. If you don't already own it, it'll show you the store page.


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