Destiny 2 Gambitpalooza

Destiny 2 Gambitpalooza

When: Jun 20, 2020 12AM Pacific

Organizer: inconsiderate

Please sign up using the form at the bottom of the page!

Rules for upcoming Gambitpalooza:

Teams: 4v4
(Split into multiple sets of 2 fire teams depending on how many participants)
Rounds to Win: 2
Game Type: Gambit (Standard)
Map: Randomly selected by fire team leaders
Encounter Variants: Default
High Value Targets: Enabled
Catch-Up Targets: Enabled
Invasion Power Enabled: False
Invasion Name Plate Indicator: True

Each team need a captain. The team captain will be in charge of capturing (screenshot is also ok) the scorecard after each round. Scores will be used to the event winner.


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